onsdag 29 september 2010


I am tired now. Really tired. I slept bad last night and an early wake up this morning, I almost overslept and didn't have time to finish my breakfast. The day went more or less well even after all, and I'm now looking back a bit surprised. Yhe sports fair went well enough and it was fun talking to new people about karate. Overall, the visitors of today were less shy to ask questions compared to last week's freshman's fair visitors. And we had a working laptop for a picture show! Oh joy!

After the fair (or my share of it) was over, I had a meeting with my professor(s) and the other future bachelors of my department. And for the first time in... I don't even know how long, I really struggled to stay awake during a lesson...

Now that I have one project completely over, I have to start taking my studies more seriously again. I'm quite stressed about them right now. I like what I'm doing, as in my department and the things I am working on right now, it's just that I have a constant feeling of not being enough,  not doing enough, not... ...completely managing, I guess you could say. And I have a hard time coping with that. I wish I could feel more content.

And I should get a job. Really.

söndag 26 september 2010


Just... Wow. Seems like the boys had a good time last night. Someone has evidently puked on our bathroom wall... The poor bastard. And my roommate was online quite late this morning, scribbling stuff about waiting for the zombie apocalypse... Trying hard not to laugh out loud...

Myself, I stayed at home. I had already enjoyed a drink or two on Friday, and didn't feel like I had neither the cash nor the stamina to repeat it. So instead I had the flat for myself. Did some drawing and watched no less than three crappy movies... And baked coconut cookies! So overall a very lazy but quite nice Saturday night.

fredag 24 september 2010


what I expect this year's beginners to look like ;)

Finally Friday! Not that it would mean any actual changes in workload or so, as I do about as much of more or less the same things during the weekend as I do during the week... ...OK. Not always, if I am to be honest. And I am thinking of pouring a whiskey as I write. Mmmwhiskey...

The advertising/representational gig of last night went okay. There were of course some things that could have been done differently considering the material we used, and it might also have been a good idea to try activate some of the younger members in the gig (younger as in years on earth, not necessarily as in club activity), because we did feel a bit old... The typical fair visitor being about 18-21 and us being around 30... However, we did have several persons show genuine interest and it'll be exciting to see who of them will show up for practice!

Next week there will be another similar gig, but on a more sports-themed on-campus happening. I'm looking forward to this, too, especially since I kind of expect the older students and staff to be a bit less shy about asking us stuff.

Now, about that whiskey...

onsdag 22 september 2010

motivation or something that feels a lot like it

The idea about rising earlier has still not been made reality. (I still kind of want to try it, though.) But at least I've felt more productive - and probably been, too. Today has been a good day. I was only slightly late for my meeting, and I got a new theme for my thesis! This gives me the opportunity to fuse the thesis with another project, a solution that, simply put, could result in one big project to focus on instead of several smaller ones. The thought of writing a thesis is so much... nicer now.

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrows representation at the freshman's fair.  While I'm absolutely looking forward to it, I'm also worrying about the details - what is yet to be done? Have I forgotten something..? But it will definitely be fun, and selling something you actually believe in (in this case our karate club, or rather our introduction course) would mostly count as pleasure I guess... I only wish it wouldn't collide with our practice hours every f***ng year.

tisdag 21 september 2010

problems sleeping

So apparently I've just started a fresh new period of sleeping problems... I wonder if it would help to get up earlier in the morning, or some other kind of change of habits - or if it's simply something I have to give in to, as in accepting that it happens in periods of stress... I don't like giving in. But on the other hand I feel like I'm working on enough bad habits as it is and would like to have some kind of fucking reward for that, if ever so small, once in a while... You can't always just "try harder".

And, as usual, since I wake up tired and as late as possible after not having slept properly, I will not really function during the day either... I have been getting some things done - luckily. But far to many things without a certain deadline will be left to linger. This annoys me a lot, as I'm practically watching it happen right there in front of my nose without getting myself pushed to do something. I'll have a hard time concentrating and easily zoom out into a daydream...

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. With the whole rising earlier, that is.

Edit: Memo To Self -  always keep piece of dark chocolate well hidden but close to desk. *omnomnom*

lördag 18 september 2010


So... apparently I'm changing my blog again, this time to English... Quite possibly the most important thing I've done today (or not)... Let's see how long it'll last. Anyone up for a bet? ;)

Some tags will apparently still be in swedish though... or... hmm...

måndag 13 september 2010

mera höstskogsbilder

Det har blivit mera skogspromenader, med mer eller mindre svampplockning och dito fotografering. I söndags var vi i en av de vackraste och mäktigaste skogar jag sett. Glädjen över den överrskande stora mängd svamp vi aktiskt hittade den här gången kommer inte ens nära upplevelsen som själva omgivningen gav mej - bara att gå runt och uppleva var fint och kändes energigivande!

torsdag 2 september 2010


Vi var på svamputfärd (kantarelljakt). Efter en stund tröttnade jag och började ta bilder istället...

Vår skörd: två (!) kantareller. S hittade båda, jag fick äta dem. :)
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