torsdag 10 mars 2011

Writing! \o/

Ahhhh! Alone in the humanistics dept. computer class! What a luxury!

The reaason I'm still here is that I just wrote a test. Think it went fine, or at least - obviously - hope so! The course in question was quite interesting, "Communication and contact", about for example how things like the mobile phone and social networking has shaped every day-life and how we interact. But!!! I had to let go of the test papers and hand them in after two hours, because that was when I realized I hardly knew what I was writing anymore - whether it was all facts or something I'd just come up with... This tends to happen if (or when) I'm inspired. And a couple of years of blogging has really helped loosen up my writing. As a freshman I used to write test answers and even essays of a maximum 5-10 sentences, while now I'll just sit down, lean back and basically puke words at the paper. Still not completely sure if that's a really good thing or something to be seriously concerned about...

Wish the same thing would happen to my thesis, though.

Guess what day it is tomorrow?! FRIDAAAYYY!!!

onsdag 2 mars 2011


I came here (computer class, university.) to finish the things I had planed to do earlier today. In the early afternoon, when I was here last, the biggest issue was that I simply couldn't concentrate on anything with so many people around me. Now, instead, I am far too sleepy to get anything done. Another example of great planning.

For the most part a good day, though. It started off with a short field trip (with the ethnologists) to a nearby old mansion - now museum. It was a nice visit though cold. It was interesting to move around in a closed-off museal environment, bit of a "behind the scenes" experience.

After managing to stay awake all through one of those less necessary lectures - but instead failing at using the computer class - I decided instead to go for a long walk in the sun and then get things done at home (which I did.). The walk did good! One step closer to returning to my running routine, perhaps?

I also ordered tickets to Tallinn! I'll be going there this weekend after all, to attend my first ever Black& brown course. Yikes! I'm a bit worried considering my health, or rather my lack of recovery after the last course... But decided to play stupid and just go! Hah! And for the most part I'm just excited.

Things To Do tomorrow:
- Finish at least a couple of the job applications. Having started is not good enough.
- Buy kitty litter - the usual brand! My futile try to change to the more environmentally-friendly wood-based brand was not appreciated. At all. I got no less than two blankets pissed on. OK. Point taken. You win, you little bastard princess.
- Study for exam next week. Had forgot all about it!
- Send thousands of emails before the weekend, as I will quite possibly have no internet before Sunday evening.

And practice in the evening! Hope the walk helped soften me up at least a bit!
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