lördag 28 april 2012


It finally happened! What, you ask? Art! I came home in a bad mood late last night, thought for a little while about what to do, then just took out my "old" unfinished works (on canvas) and started! Something just burst, and after five hours, four good and nostalgic records*, one big beer, two cups of tea and a big chunk of chocolate, I had done some serious changes to all five of the canvases! And went to bed at about 05:30 in the morning. I have been more than a bit tired today, but it was worth it. I really like the ideas I  started working on, so it all feels quite inspiring. I'm longing to work more on them. And I can't remember when last I'd have felt such a rush! The re-coating and other changes felt very cathartic too, in a way.
Should borrow a camera so I'd get the things documented. The "new" projects are collages on canvas, that I didn't like anymore but couldn't think of how to change either, so they've been sitting on a shelf for a year or so now. I'm not sure how much I want to write about the technical details so far, but let's just say that one new medium I've been using now is eyeshadow! I'll get back to it as soon as I return home, but as
I have to get up earlier tomorrow than I managed today so I might have to take it a bit easier...

* Tool: Undertow, Depeche Mode: Songs of Faith and Devotion, Nirvana (collection), Massive Attack: Mezzanine.

fredag 27 april 2012

MV if the week

Friday and music video of the week - NiN: Only. Had a hard time picking the right NiN video today, just knew I wanted one. There will be more.

onsdag 25 april 2012

midweek randoms

I'm at university pretending to work again. What I'm pretending to do is to write a lecture diary, but somehow I stuck to other things. I've finally updated my art blog over on tumblr, for example. Found a couple of new favourites, too. I know, something when you need to get things done everything else will seem inspiring, but in this case I feel happy about it. The lack of action on the blog has been bothering me for so long.

I am finally seing some results after all of the work I've done at university this spring. I'm finishing at least some things, and will be looking forward to seing some credits, too. Can't believe it's only wednesday,  I've been here every night for the past... four days. Looking forward to the weenend, even though I know I'll be spending most of it here in the computer class writing. I'll put a note in my calendar of doing something fun. (Hah!)

Listening to right now: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Amathema.

söndag 22 april 2012


I felt horrible yesterday.
It just happened, don't know where it came from, it was just there. Down and disappointed. Luckily it didn't last. I left everything I had been working on, and just went home pretty much to feel sorry for myself, but then just kind of decided against it all and did the magic recovery: doing something nice while having a big cup of tea to the sound of Dark Side of the Moon. This time the Nice Activity was repotting my little chilies. And it worked again! It can be quite therapeutic to stick your hands in the dirt, but I guess simply focusing on something else kind of did it too. Anyway, I felt ok again afterwards and managed to make a plan of how to get things together today instead. I've been a bit down today too, but nothing compared to yesterday, and I've got quite a lot done, too. Right now at university trying to catch two deadlines (one today, the other tomorrow). I just might do it.

fredag 20 april 2012

music video of the week

The idea of a weekly music video post hit me some weeks ago but then I never remembered to actually start it. So here goes - the premiere video, Nirvanas Heart-Shaped Box (1993).
I used to be a big fan of Nirvana back in the days, but the reason I still love this video is mostly aesthetic - I simply find it beautiful, and it's still one of my favourite rock videos of all time. Enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

onsdag 18 april 2012

Not giving up

Just returned from a students fair at Kåren, we (AKDS) had a table there to advertise ourselves and try get attract some new members. There wasnt too much action, at least in our end of the venue, but at least a couple of visitors seemed interested. This time we were given a bit of floor space too, so it was possible to do simpler demos and have people try punching (pads). But then again, with the lack of visitors, it wasn't too motivating to try do demos either... Oh well, had more fun than last year anyway! And it still felt important to go there and simply show that we are alive and active.  Hope we'll see some new faces on practice soon!
Practice also feels extra exciting right now, as I'm instructing. I haven't been too happy with my instrusting yet, but I'm of course hoping that will change. And that my back will get better soon. I'm not exactly sure what I've done to hurt my back - could be both work- and karate related - but I seem to have pulles either a muscle or a tendron or something...  Had some problems with it during the last course (in Pargas, last weekend), where I had to skip Sunday practice, and haven't been able to attend since then but at least participating in the punching demos tonight felt ok so I think I should be fine. I'm also experiencing some problems with my running, having allergy attacks again without being sure of the cause. So that side of things is a bit heavy right now, but I'm not giving up.

The not giving up also goes for my job hunting, I guess. No luck there, so far. One more negative answer and one more "Thank You for showing interest in [x], we will get back to You." I do have a (part time) job, but I'd really want a new one, as what I do now is simply not fucking worth the effort.

And the rest of the week will be spent writing essays, it seems. I have two deadlines coming up this Sunday (Monday) and a presentation next week. I would so love to have a free weekend, wonder when I'll see one of those again!

söndag 8 april 2012

Yay! New post!

Haven't been posting in a while again, I know. Writer's block, been distracted, lack of inspiration and/or time... Choose any excuse, all of them are about as close to the truth. I've also simply had a lot going on. At university, I've had more lectures this past month than I had in the entire semester before. (And the deadlines. God, the deadlines.) Since I wrote last, I've also survived two karate courses - one in Turku, hosted by my own club, and one in Otepää, Estonia. And there's one coming up next weekend, in Pargas. Looking forward to that, too.

The Easter holidays have been nice, and given me a chance to catch up a bit, as well as breathe out. I seem to be back on my exercise regime, too! Of course not in the same shape I was before the superflu but it shouldn't have to take too long to get back there.

What else is new..? I have now started to instruct at karate practice. It's both exciting and frustrating at the same time, especially since I haven't been doing it for way too long, so I do feel more than a bit rusty. I hope for higher attendance next week, just as much as I fear the same thing... Also, I'm still waiting to hear about two possible new jobs. Applications sent, got the answer that they'll be checking the applications this week (hey! It's Sunday!) so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed now. Really want a new job. So bad.

Ok, too much time spent pretending to work now, I might as well be heading home. see you!
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