onsdag 29 maj 2013

On nostalgia, karate and text messages

Just missed a deadline by 18 minute, but this still means I finished something. In this case the course on contemporary art. Feels great! Fourth course finished this month.

The practice/party-combo of last weekend turned out absolutely awesome, and I think everyone agreed on that. We had loads of fun, and any occasional gaps in the program of the day were quickly filled - training (both indoors and out in the park), sauna and chilling, dinner with speeches, nostalgic pics and videos, and after-dinner beers in the evening sun on one of the river boats. And it was all very inspiring too, at least for me. So eager to go on the next course!

On a completely unrelated topic, my phone finally decided to die on me last week. This was no shock, it was 8 years old after all. I got myself a new phone and everything is working well... except for the one small detail of me having lost every single phone number I had on the old phone. (Assumed they were on the card. Turned out they weren't.) I've been able to retrace some of the most important numbers, and I'm currently working on most of the rest.

One more thing that came out of this: I remember writing here, not too long ago, about how the dilemma of what to do with old text messages you have a hard time letting go of. Well, let's just say I don't have that problem anymore. They are all lost. Realising this first made me very sad, but then again - you can't hold on to everything that makes you nostalgic, and I guess sometimes maybe you just have to trust your own brain to save those memories for you.

måndag 27 maj 2013

Late Knitn'tag photos

A bit late, but here are some of my photos from the "Knit n' tag" exhibition of knitted graffiti along the river Aura. I love the idea! And the artwork ads a bit of fun and change to a space we are very used to. I walk here almost every day, to and from uni. The works are made both by individual artists and different organisations, as part of the Turku Design Week project.

A tree-hugger! Unfortunately, you can't see her arms in this picture)

torsdag 23 maj 2013

Update on this and that/ first post of May

I know I've been neglecting this blog recently. Or... well, this month. I just realised I haven't written at all since April. Have had lots to do at uni, with everything that needs to be done and/or finished before the  term is over. The  same thing every year, except  this time I'm actually getting things done. Maybe not quite as effectively as I should, but doing the best I can, I believe. On the other hand, so far the grades haven't been too bad either, if I may say so myself...

Lots of things coming up, too! This weekend my karate club will have a party (the concept, as always, is practice first, then party.) to celebrate 10 years as an organization. I haven't been too active a part in the planning myself (not been able to!) but enough to be allowed to watch the whole thing develop, and I've been very happy...quite impressed with what has been done! I'm really looking forward to the weekend now!

This is folllowed by a week full of deadlines, and then the double-booked weekend starting with the Ethnological symposium here in Turku on Wed-Fri, and ending with a karate course in Nykarleby Fri/Sat-Sun. I'm expecting to feel quite wrecked on Sunday. But in a strange way looking forward to that, too.

I had planned to post some photos here, but haven't had the time to sort through them. Oh well, in time...
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