söndag 14 augusti 2011

The Things To Do list

I am so tired. It's Sunday night and I'm here in front of the computer trying to catch up... So many things I didn't have the time -or energy- to do during the weekend. I don't like working Saturdays. It went quite well yesterday, even though I had a small extra round to do I still managed to finish it all in one day. The idea behind this was to instead have all of Sunday (today) off. Only problem with this plan of mine is that I'm still too tired today to greally get anything done. Last night I was so tired I first just dozed off but then couldn't get sleep, and I'm feeling that today. Wish I had just one day to really rest.

I should really be studying too. I had really wanted to finish my thesis by now... So stressed. I should probably g orunning - it usually helps - but it's too late tonight, so I'm hoping to go tomorrow morning instead.

And tomorrow is Monday, with an already growing list of Things To Do... At least I've been able to cross some things off today's list! I don't really like TTD-lists, but I need to make them, as I'm too preoccupied to remember anything otherwise.

...And now, I interupt my own whinings to link to just another wonderful post Leo on Zen Habits, a favourite blog of mine that I happily follow. The topic this time: Being present.

Just what I needed to read right now.


*breathes out*

måndag 8 augusti 2011

Hard time writing

Ok. So I had another pause from blogging. This time, to be completely honest with you, it was because I chickened out. I knew the next thing to write about was (would have been) about me having a hard time going "home" to visit and why this is so. And I did start to write, in the before-mentioned sketchbook of mine. But when it came down to posting it all, I was struggling with a bad conscience. Writing about it made me feel disloyal. So I just kept putting it up, and while dong so, obviously didn't write about anything else either. Must try again later.

At least I've found my drawing again! Spent last night doing only that, actually - and loving it!" so that feels great.
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