lördag 10 januari 2015

on computers and photographs

I'm still learning to use the new computer. The one thing that has been bugging me the most so far is the photo library function. Not only was it obviously designed with a touch screen in mind, which makes it very hard to maneuver on an ordinary laptop, but I managed to loose all my Christmas photos when simply trying to order them into an album of their own... I bet there was some very simple solution tat I just missed, never had good karma with things like this. Luckily I still have them on my camera, so i can try again later. The Picture above was saved because, being a "bad" picture, it was never added to that album. But giving it a second look I realised I liked its colors, and the way the lights contrast the foggy-looking sky.

I had originally planned to write about more political issues today, but this seems to be an introspective blog - I have thought so before too - as I still end up writing about myself.

Soundtrack: Damien Rice - My Favorite Faded Fantasy

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