torsdag 8 januari 2015

Cold but inspired

I wanted to commet on two things mentioned in my last post:

First of all, having caught my second cold (or flu?) this winter and lost two nights of sleep because of the annoying fuck of a cough that came with it, I'd like to take back anything I wrote about "feeling great!" in my last post...

And, secondly, I did decide to start a new, seprarate blog in Swedish after all. Time will just have to tell what happens to this one, maybe I'll be able to find different uses for the two blogs. Unfortunately, I havent been able to do so yet as I never got the required confirmation mail (and, so far, no answer from their info/support) but I'll give it a Little while (most likely a couple of hours, knowing myself an my infamous lack of patience) and start it somewhere else if nothing more happens... Restless! Whenever I get any kind of idea or Project into my mind I want to do it NOW. Immediately.

Today, Ive decided to defy my cold and go to uni at lest for a short visit, maybe lunch. I want to see how it works for me to be around people (noticed it's more difficult to really tell your condition when home alone) so I can decide whether or not to attend an exhibition opening tonight. Hope to attend, as it would obviously be fun but also a much welcome change.

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