måndag 20 februari 2012

Back to the Women's Room

I've been re-reading some favourite books this winter. So far it's been quite rewarding. Right now I've returned to Marilyn French's The Women's Room. This is a book I read the first time back in highschool, not remembering if I ever actually finished it back then, just how I tried to force myself through it. A couple of years later (after I had left home and went to a public college) I found a torn copy of the book on a flea market and brought it home for an amasing re-read -- in just a couple of years I had learned [things that made me] appreciate it much more. I still remember how I tried to get everyone else to read it... Since then I've returned to the Women's Room (pun not intended) quite irregularly but more than a couple of times, and every new read of it has given me something new. There will be details forgotten or things you simply need to have gone through certain things to understand -- I guess this is typical for any novel written in the form of someones lifestory, and I expect myself to react this way again of course. Normally, it would make me happy to find that I can still relate to an old favorite book and get something out of reading it, but in this case it just makes me more upset. Or rather, there are more things in it to make me upset since there are more things I can relate to. So it's actually a much harder read today than it used to be, but I'm still just as unable to put the damned book down as I was the last time I read it. I should seriously not read it in bed at night, though. Grrr...

fredag 17 februari 2012

The Ultimate Bimbo of Economy

I got my wage certificate yesterday. I kind of thought the sum on it looked surprisingly small, considering that I had worked every weekend last month, and hadn't been taking any time off at all. It wasn't until I compared it to last month's certificate that I noticed a small but not unsignificant difference in the line about taxation... and checked my tax calculation... and found that I had managed - I do not know how - to send them the wrong tax card. Fuck. This meant that I lost 27.5 percent (that's almost 1/3!) of my February wage to taxes. I just wanted to punch myself really hard for obviously being the Ultimate Bimbo of economics. At least it's fixed now so the same thing won't happen next month, but still. I don't get how I could even make a mistake like that and not noticing anything. This is why I should stay far away from economy. That, and evil, evil bureaucratic paperwork. I think most other things are going fine, I had a very good and inspiring karate course last weekend, where I also got a handful of personal points to remember on upcoming ordinary practice. And I just finished preparing for our (Abo KDS) annual meeting that's coming up this Saturday. Everything should be in order at least. Googd thing I have others handle the club economy!

lördag 4 februari 2012


I'm doing some changes to the blog right now - nothing drastic so far, but it'll be fun to see where this ends... I looked it over last night and realised I haven't done any maintenance to the blog in ages, so I figured it's about time. And hopefully this will also help me catch up with some of the changes done to the whole google/blogger package and learn how to use it again... Still wish I knew how to code, though.

fredag 3 februari 2012

project of the week

This week I've forced myself to get up early every morning, even on mornings when I haven't had to "be anywhere". I guess you could say it's one of my long-term projects, only for some reason I haven't been able to keep it up before. I've always been jealous of morning people! Of course it's only been a couple of days yet, but I really hope I'll manage to stick to this. I like having more hours in the day (without staying up until the small hours), and I have noticed geting more things done in a day, so that's good I guess. The thesis has not been touched even once in the entire week, though. A bit ashamed of that. But hopefully I'll get back to that next week! Next week I'll also be attending my first karate course of this year, looking forward to that a lot! I haven't attended one since october, and it's definitely been too long! There will be a lot of them coming up this spring, which is good but with the major ones (two in March, one in June) all being abroad, it will also be quite heavy economically. Getting too sleepy to write now (at 9.30 in the evening, I can't believe it!), I think I'll return home to get some sleep... soon as I've managed to forget ow blisteing cold it's outside.
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