tisdag 13 december 2011

The library phantom

I just read this wonderful story about the "library phantom" when a friend linked to it on facebook, and I want to spread it too! Enjoy!

söndag 11 december 2011

Not yet completely stressed out about Christmas

After a good Christmas (practice &) party yesterday, I've spent today being absolutely useless. Nope, no hangover, just unmotivated and dreamy. Got absolutely nothing done. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed having a weekend off work! I didn't even have to miss the exercise, as yesterday's christmas party came with no less than six hours of karate practice! The practice was both interesting and inspiring - I'll have new things to work on for ordinary practice, many new things. I have started to look at options for the travel back "home" for Christmas. The holidays are getting closer and I should have booked my tickets already, but I'm traditionally late with that every year. This time (again) I blame it on not yet knowing what to do with the cat. If I don't find someone to feed or house Mirjam (the cat) I'll have to shorten my visit again, like last year. I'd love to stay for a bit longer though, and I have considered travelling with her too (most trains do have pet compartments) but I think that could get a bit messy, especially now that there's no car. Tomorrow I'll give the real world a new try. I already have a list of Things To Do - the same thing this time every year, I guess. You try to get as many things as possible done before the holidays believing that if you do, you'll be able to relax and enjoy your time spent with family and old friends instead of rushing thru it "like last year". Only problem is: it never works! At least not for me. A day or two before Christmas I'll stay up later than late to desperately try and (for once) finish everything... and always failing at doing so. And a couple of days later I'll be back in Turku stressed and tired, quite possibly hung over and hardly having enjoyed more than the occational minute of it all. "Same procedure as every year".

tisdag 6 december 2011

Random ramblings

I'm so nervous for my presentation tomorrow... But luckily also tired from karate practice tonight. So I bet I'll get at least some sleep... This weekend we'll have this year's AKDS+PKDS (Pargas club) Christmas party to look forward to, and I am! The event, already a tradition, will include 6 hours of practice starting in the morning, followed by a dinner party in the evening. Today is our (Finlands) Independence Day. I haven't celebrated in any way, but used the day off to do laundry. Well needed laundry. I also made a walk to another part of town to find an open Siwa store (red day today), but that's ok. I like Port Arthur. Forgot what I was going to write now. Ok then, will try again later... ;)

söndag 4 december 2011

short update

I've had a great weekend! Finally sent in my thesis on Friday - this by no means makes it finished, but I will present it on Wednesday next week and then do adjustments acording to the feedback I get - and boy. does it feel good! I wasn't prepared for this amount of relief! I've slept well, been in a good, relaxed mood and I've actually had more energy! I'm getting things done instead of daydreaming. I didn't even realise how stressed I was about it until now, when I feel the difference. This (coming) week looks exciting enough,too!
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