torsdag 16 augusti 2012

Out of words

I have been out of words for a while. There hasn't been more nor less to write about than before, but definitely fewer words. I wonder why that happens.

I guess one reason has been the conflict between wanting to about things that I then notice feel too personal to blog about (not knowing who end up reading it) and on the other hand cutting too much of the too-personal away only to find it all turned very shallow and empty instead. Or end up putting it up.

I've been quite tired lately, having focused mainly on my bread job and university studies. Looking back, I know it would have done me good to allow myself more time for creativity, because when I don't, it will just eat my motivation and mental energy and this way actually slow me down even more. (Why don't I learn this?) I be I've written about this before.

Anyway, only two days left now and then one more week of vacation! Returned my work keys today, something I always love doing! Tonight will be my last session before Summer school,  and I will be practicing dressed as a beginner (without my gi) as  I own only two gi:s and won't have time to do any more laundry before packing for the trip.

So hyped about the weekend! Will be good to use some of the restlessness practice, I think.

torsdag 2 augusti 2012

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