fredag 30 september 2011


The week is almost over and I am sooo sleepy. Haven't got even half done of what I had planned but well... that's life, I guess. My work has been taking up so much more of my time recently, but I guess it would also help if I could find motivation for other things than training/practice... At university, most days I just feel old. This might of course have something to do with the fact that people around me (other university students) are in their early twenties, or even younger. I miss having people my own age around! My only plans for the weekend is to work and study, but I might have to start it all by going out - and with that I litterally mean "going out" as in outside. For some reason we're having beautiful, warm, sunny summer weather today, in the end of September! Another plan for this weekend had been to meet up with an old friend who would be in town, but this was sadly cancelled when he missed his train... My karma must be bruised in the area of weekend plans. ( See previous post about cancelled reunion) Anyway, off I go. Need to go look for my running gear!

lördag 24 september 2011

Back again

Wow... haven't been posting in a good while again. And now they (blogger) have changed everything, so I'm pretty much back to learning how to use the whole thing again... ;) Quite a lot has happened since last time I wrote a post, but I'm not going to do any recounts - one more try to start again instead... Enjoying a weekend off right now, and I could never have guessed it would feel this good! I have been working too much recently, to the point where as soon as I didn't I would just shut off completely out of exhaustion. So yes, I guess I needed it. The reason for the weekend off was a planned reunion with my class from art school, but sadly this was cancelled. I'm not much for that kind of events normally, but I had been looking forward to this one a lot! I hope we will make it happen someday! First I was also sad about "waisting" a weekend on a cancelled event, but it didn't take long for me to start enjoying it. So much extra time! I haven't been enjoying any crazy partying or other cool events, just been cleaning my apartment, exercising and generally taking up stuff left off because of my constant stressing. It' been so, so nice and the best thing is - there's one more day of it! One great thing last week was kicking off (yes. pun intended.) the advertising campaign for our beginners course. I think it went quite smoothly this time, and most people involved seemed to enjoy it, too. We had quite a lot of people ask us stuff or otherwise show interest at the Freshers fair, so it'll be very exciting to see how many of them will actually show up to practice... Hoping for a big number of course, we do need new members... Getting sleepy now, so I'll end here and try my best to return soon.
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