söndag 23 januari 2011

fredag 21 januari 2011

One more blog

I've finally made The New Blog!

This, of course, does not mean I'll stop writing and posting over here in the Creature blog. The new blog - over at tumblr - is going to be the slightly more "professional" blog, where i post about my own art projects as well as other artists I happen to come across and like. I have often thought of writing about art here, especially other people's art, and when I've seen something interesting I've bookmarked it for later or just written the name down - always with the thought that "I absolutely have to write about this... ..later". And then I never do. Things like that just don't fit in here. Considering my own art, I've always known that I want a different page for it. Something less personal than this place. I'm quite happy with it, at least to begin with, but lots of change will be done as soon as I learn how to... I never realized how accustomed I've grown to using blogger before trying to work even the least creatively with another medium... Wow. I still don't get most of it.

Anyway, check it out!

onsdag 19 januari 2011

Quote of the Day

"You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but the very least you need is a beer."
-Frank Zappa

lördag 15 januari 2011

Moving day 1.

The boys moved out today. We had a nice group of people helping out, and the whole thing was done quite effectively. Now i sit alone in the half-emptied apartment and Boy. Does. It. Feel. Strange.... Usually I don't have a problem with being home alone but now, since almost everything is gone (couch, TV, microwave, desks, bookcases, you name it...) I can't just follow my routines. The living room is the most empty, since almost nothing in there was mine. This, my own corner of the workspace, looks more or less the same and feels more OK to dwell in. The bedroom is fine too, also mostly my stuff in there.

I will have to find more than a couple of new routines  after the move, since my new home is located in more or less the other end of town. I need to find a new place to run and I'll really miss my favorite corner shop.

I'm going to start (or continue?) packing my stuff too, I'll just have to get some more boxes. It'll be real nice having my own place assembled. And speaking of such - yes, I got the apartment I was hoping for! Oh joy!

Tonight most of the city of Turku are out in the cold celebrating the start of our year as European Cultural Capital. But I chose to stay at home and enjoy the combination of cold beer, warm sauna and nice music - a favorite combination of mine. Works every time!

onsdag 12 januari 2011


I really liked the last apartment I looked at! It's small and quite simple but it was also much closer than expected to what I'm looking for. Also, it was simply cozy, homely. And cheap! I could really see myself live there. Now I just have to wait for the call. I talked to the landlady today and told her about my interest, and she told me that there is still one eventual tenant coming to look at it and that she'd call me tomorrow. Whether I'll get the apartment or not.

I am hoping so hard right now. (Not praying, since I'm not very religious. Sometimes I almost wish I was, though.)

I hope I don't have to keep looking. There's only half a month left before I have to be out. Not nice. Not nice at all. I want to be able to picture myself in my new home.

fredag 7 januari 2011

30 things I love about myself

Some time ago I saw this idea about creating a list of 30 things I love about myself on the Frisky. I thought it was a lovely idea (still do.) and very motivational, and decided I would try write my own... And then I forgot about it and nothing happened - until quite recently when I re-read some old posts of mine, saw the "30 things..." post again and decided to give it another try! I think it would do me good right now. It certainly wasn't easy thinking of so many different things, and I must admit that a couple of the things on my list are closer to "things I wish I loved about myself" than things I'd already love. On the other hand I guess that could be seen as a challenge of sorts!

It did take a little while to put the whole list together, but here goes:

30 things I love about myself

1. My hair (or rather love-hate-relationship, to be honest)
2. My cooking.
3. That I quit smoking after ...14 years..?
4. That I'm not a picky eater
5. My love for animals
6. My abs! I finally have visible abs!
7. That I can see both sides of most issues
8. My creativity
9. My ability to laugh at myself
10. That I'm opinionated
11. The way my body feels when I run
12. That I finally came out as a geek
13. I'm quite good at completely ignoring social circles and making different people interact with each other
14. I like to think I'm open minded
15. My very selective organizational skills
16. My orgasms! (Yes. I squirt. There's some TMI for you.)
17. That I finally have an exercise routine
18. My appreciation of small things
19. That I've been through some crap and come out a better person
20. My curiousity.
21. My love of learning.
22. That I've been a proud vegetarian for over a decade!
23. My ability to make friends with cats.
24. My appreciation of original people.
25. My imagination!
26. My ability to make people laugh. (see #9.)
27. My skin
28. When there's something I really want I won't stop at anything.
29. my excellent taste in music and/or alcoholic beverages ;)
30. that I sill have people tell me they feel they can relax and be themselves in my company.

Phew! That wasn't too easy. Long after I thought I had the list finished I've still changed things back and forth... But now it's there!

Now it's your turn! And no cheating, try to think of 30 things! It's hard but I bet it's good for you!

tisdag 4 januari 2011

On disappointment and insomnia

Had an eventual new home shown to me yesterday, and it was such a disappointment! I guess my hopes for that particular place were a bit to high.The room was tiny, drab and lacking more than it contained. So I'm still looking.... and getting a bit anxious.As a rule, the flats that are in my price range and within city limits seem to all be No Pets Allowed...

And the insomnia seems here to stay. I decided to rise earlier  today, extra early, no matter if I'd caught sleep or not, to see if it would help - so that I'd be tired when night comes. And well, at least I've been sleepy all day. Having a cup of tea now (Yes. Green. No caffeine here.) and hoping to go to bed early tonight. And sleep.

...Ok. I can't even think of anything to write tonight. I have so many thoughts in my head but obviously no control over them. Think I'll just go sneak one more piece of lasagna (comfort food? what comfort food?) and then hit the sack.

lördag 1 januari 2011

Happy New Year!

...things can only get better.

I hope I'll get some sleep tonight, though. Today I went to grocery-shopping leaving both my keys and mobile phone at home... So not only was I locked  outside our apartment - I couldn't call anyone to come let me in... Just great. I wanted to kick myself.
But now: Sleep. Keep your fingers crossed.
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